LTF weighing kit for forklift trucks

Pair of forks with an integrated weighing system for forklift trucks. Easy to install, these replace the original forks and allow a clear visualisation of the load weight. Compatible with any lift truck having a DIN 15173 - FEM fork holder plate, of the IIA or IIIA class (IIB optional). Available also in trade approved version.


  • Weight indicator:..-LCD backlit display with 6 digits 25mm high, easily visible in any lighting condition,waterproof keyboard with 5 keys,protective case in extra thick steel, mounted on a fork and connected to the other fork by means of a cable,fitted with infrared remote control.
  • Design:..-oven painted steel forks with 4 shear-beam IP68 load cells.
  • Accuracy:..+/- 0.2% of the capacity.
  • Max. allowable overload:..-200% of the nominal capacity.
  • Max. horizontal inclination:..+/- 2° with the same accuracy characteristics.
  • Options:..-radio module for transmitting data to a PC or a remote repeater.
  • Power supply:..-through rechargeable battery, the operating time is of about 40 hours of continuous use,additional battery pack (optional) to use the system 24 hours,fitted with battery charger, compatible with LTFBK option,auto switch-off function.
  • Weight:..-each fork weighs 75kg (LTF25) and 90kg (LTF50).