About us


Libra Instruments Ltd.
is  specialized in manufacturing, installation, commissioning and service of industrial weighing scales & systems. We are able to deliver our customers a wide range of high quality products thanks of the partnership with leading weighing equipment suppliers like  Flintec, Dini Argeo, VEI, SEG Instruments, Leon Engineering and others.

  • Belt weigher & solid flow scales : - belt weigher for different belt widths, , flow scales on Coriolis principle, impact weigher
  • Onboard scales : - wheel loader scales, forklift scales
  • Mobile scales : - crane scales, transpallet truck scales
  • Axle load scales : - mobile wheel pads  and stationary axle load scales
  • Truck scales : - full length mobile truck scale with steel ramps, reconstruction & modernization of existing mechanical or electronic truck scales to the latest technology
  • Hanging scales : - crane scales, dynamometers, monorail scales
  • ATEX scales for hazardous areas : - ATEX bench and floor scales, ATEX crane scales, ATEX transpallet scales, ATEX weighing components
  • Bench & floor scales : floor scales, low profile scales with ramps, pallet scales, heavy industrial floor scales, floor scales for long materials, reconstruction and modernization of existing one
  • Weighing components : - load cells, weigh modules, weighing indicators, remote displays, junction boxes, overvoltage protection devices
  • Reference weights : - single weights  and weight sets  from 1mg to 20kg (accuracy class M1, F1, E2, E1) with calibration cerificate (option), accessories